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Since I've been doing reviews today I figure I'll pass along some of 'em:

Insomnium -  Since the Day It All Came Down - Candlelight

Since Candlelight is generally one of the highest quality metal labels (esp. in the US where they distribute many fine labels)
I figured it'd be good. A dark understated picture of a forest offset by white merely reinforced that opinion.This is the Finnish death metal  band's second full album and it's a polished one. Melodic with a dash of prog. Two vocalists - the quiet one has a gothic affect to his voice that  I find wearing. Thankfully there's times where it's not that noticeable and he doesn't sing that much. The main vocalist reminds me a lot of the singer in Immortal - and that's always good.  It's a fine album that partially fills the gap between Katatonia and Opeth and maybe a touch of Dark Tranquillity for heaviness. Very nice and highly recommended.

Probot - s/t - Southern Lord

Dave Grohl's first time at bat as a Metal God and he brings in a solid team of heavy hitters: Cronos (Venom), Snake (VoiVod),King Diamond, Lemmy (Motorhead)  and others. The problem is that the material they have to work with is plodding and sub-par and Grohl's guitarwork is merely adequate. It really is a shame given the caliber and histories of those involved.
Like me you probably would have bought this for the names involved but it's unlikely you'll play it more than once.
Hopefully next time around he'll co-write the music with his collaborators. Give this a pass.

Deniz Tek and Scott Morgan - Three Assassins - Career

Two of Detroit's rock aristocracy get together with Italian punk band A-10 and tour Europe. This fine live album is the result.
Deniz, for those that don't know, was just a little younger than the MC 5 crew and knew and hung out with many in that underground rock circle before forming his own act ,by way of Australia, the legendary Radio Birdman in 1974. Scott was lead singer in the Rationals before linking up with Fred "Sonic" Smith (formerly of the MC 5) about the same time period. Both Scott and Deniz work in various bands at any given time (Scott's working on  a soul album with Nick from the Hellacopters and Deniz on solo work  at the moment).  Right out the gate they come out rocking with a great but rough version of the 5's Future/Now  (Scott's one of the few people with a soulful enough voice to fit in Rob Tyner's shoes.Too bad he's not singing with the DKT/MC 5) and it's a promising beginning. They play through Electrophonic Tonic (Scott's song that was scheduled to be the B-side of the immortal SRB song City Slang) then into a song I'd never heard before called Shellback that is simply amazing. Agua Caliente, Blood from a Stone, and Give it Up are all excellent tracks showing what this band can do ( and it's more polished than the Rendezvous Band live album by our two protagonists). Dangerous (which as I recall was a Morgan original I first heard on the second Sonic's Rendezvous Band album) is fiiiiiiiine here. City Slang is given  a nice drawn out version here that shows these guys skills on guitar. Their version of Iggy's I Got A Right is energetic and muscular as you'd expect. Closer TV Eye is a bit weak but I'll forgive 'em for it.

This is a great album and if you're a fan of old school Detroit Rock n' Roll you shouldn't miss it.

More reviews later.
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re: the gothic vocalist for insomnium - reminiscent of the guy from moonspell?

nice work, btw - coherent and informative.
Arrgh had a whole repost and accidentally deleted it. Moonspell's always made me think of Sisters of Mercy + metal - songs. In answer to your question he doesn't sound like Andrew Eldritch or any of his clones. He has more of an affect to his voice that makes it seem like he's trying too hard. One of the more endearing things about Opeth is how the singer sings clearly and without overly shaping his voice (similar to the way that classical singers do). It lends authenticity and is an emotionally engaging hook that these guys would do well to emulate.

I forgot to mention in this piece how folks that like Opeth and other bands that are melodic and prog influenced should take a look at Wishbone Ash, originators of the dual harmony guitar sound. In particular Argus, New England, and Just Testing. Many like Live Dates but I prefer Hot Ash (as released in the US), Live Dates 2 (as released in the UK) and pretty much anything featuring Laurie Wisefield instead of Ted Turner. Steve Upton is a criminally overlooked drummer and Martin Turner was an inspiration to Iron Maiden's Steve Harris.